CCAA Invites you to participate in HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Competition Agenda:2021/12 - 2022/08(Proposed)

Global Entrepreneurship Competition

HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition was born for Entrepreneurs. It aims to build a multi-level, multi-dimensional and diversified international entrepreneurial model, seeking for high-quality startups worldwide, facilitating entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business in Beijing. The competition invites top investors, famous mentors and leading entrepreneurs to provide all-round entrepreneurial guidance and acceleration, to continuously empower entrepreneurs in Beijing by providing a full range of "Beijing Services" such as talent settlement, children's education, healthcare, designated apartments, etc.
The HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneurship Competition will set up 7 major global enrollment areas worldwide, attracting both overseas and local startups. There are 140 awards for the startups and 28 Talent Scout Awards set with a total amount of CNY 100 million for awarding.


由中关村大河资本管理的CCAA中加天使联盟(China Canada Angels Alliance)于2014年成立,致力于打造中国和加拿大之间的跨境生态系统,以联合投资、创业导师服务以及海内外渠道资源,助力创业公司发展。CCAA拥有11家机构会员,这些会员不仅积极参与CCAA的天使投资活动,而且由基金自身或者其他战略合作伙伴提供后续投资支持。通过这些机构会员的各种渠道,CCAA与中国顶尖的30-40家移动/互联网企业以及接近150位创业导师开展合作。2015年,CCAA被评选为加拿大最活跃的天使投资机构。